Thursday, May 8, 2014

JewelBeMine and Dina & Rose Trendy Jewelry

Posted by Beni Schaub at 4:19 AM
For the girl who has everything, JewelBeMine and Dina & Rose feature uniquely exquisite and trendy designs like nothing anyone has seen before!

For women with fashion knowledge looking to add a unique statement piece to their collection, Jewel Be Mine offers a variety of trends and styles that range from trendy chic to classic, and carries featured designers including Dopodomani, MP Jewelry, 1030 Caracas, and Trendy Italy.
Jewel Be Mine is recently pulling inspiration from upcoming trends-Pantone’s season color palettes, street chic styles and contemporary to classic, Jewel Be Mine’s assortment has something for every personality! Jewel Be Mine co-founders, Natalie Mery and Valentina Osuna, have traveled all over the map and curate one-of-a-kind pieces for the e-commerce site.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2012, Natalie and Valentina use their professional and educational backgrounds in spotting trends and styles.
Jewel Be Mine adds news pieces to its site every week and features specific sets curated, styled and combined by Natalie and Valentina. From $10 to $70, Jewel Be Mine provides women with an affordable and stylish collection!

Dina & Rose
Taking all-natural, untouched semi-precious stones from Brazil straight to your fingertips. The creator of Dina & Rose, Eliane Kravetz, offers a selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, and more using organic stones and 18k gold plated bronze materials. The collections hone into the anticipated trends of the season and feature an array of beautiful hues and structures. From two-finger rings in deep emeralds and sparkly bronze, to pure, angelic all-white teardrop earrings, every personality and style is attained for within Dina & Rose. 

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