Thursday, May 29, 2014

fodada "Dad and Me" Program

Posted by Beni Schaub at 4:47 PM
The lifestyle brand fodada (for the best dada in the world) has launched their “Dad and Me” program in celebration of what a great dad can mean to a child.  It is a dedication for dads to spend more time with their children. As and added little bonus, every dad who participates (by signing the fodada commitment letter and sending in a photo) will receive a free fodada tee as a badge of honor. See below for details.

Dad and Me
The best gift we can give to a child is time.

fodada is taking up a crusade to bring fathers and their children closer together and give them the greatest gift of all: the dedication of time, which has been proven to create more confident kids with stronger skills, ready to take on the world.

The Dad and Me campaign is simple.

1. Kids: Download a commitment letter from the fodada website, sign it and give it to your dads.

2. Dads: Sign the commitment letter and pledge to spend three, one-hour blocks of time per month doing things together that are totally fun and silly, educational, and active and outdoors. Its not a gimmick but rather an investment in your relationship that we hope will create habits that promote dad-and-child interaction and engagement.

Schools also can ask for the forms to be provided to students to take home.

fodada will recognize dads who sign the pledge by sending them a specially design t-shirt from their collection. All they need to do is send a photo featuring a Dad and Me moment, along with the completed form, to fodada will send a free tee to dad as his badge of honor for his commitment.

Yes, its that easy, but it goes way beyond a pledge form, photo and tee. It even goes beyond a year of dad-kid activities.

The Dad and Me campaign is a way for dads to promote and celebrate their role set up their children for a lifetime of healthy development — something psychologists, sociologist and even the White House deems vital. 

That means dads can help their kids grow up to be smarter, more confident and solve problems easier just by being there for them. Playing laser tag. Going to a museum. Exploring a nature trail. All the kinds of things dads and kids will commit to do together as part of the Dad and Me campaign!

fodada is keen to start a revolution that redefines what being a great dad means, and is introducing the Dad and Me campaign to spark a radical change that sweeps the country.

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