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Virtual Style School: Marion Gellatly

Posted by Beni Schaub at 4:04 AM
For women who are bored with their wardrobe, dread getting dressed in the morning, and are not happy with what they see in the mirror, now there's a perfect solution: Powerful Presence's Virtual Style School (powerful-presence.com).

Wouldn't it be great to have our own personal stylist like Hollywood celebrities enjoy but available to us every day of the year and far more affordably? Now everyone can improve their personal and professional image and save thousands of dollars in fashion mistakes!

Based in Pebble Beach, California, award-winning style and image consultant, Marion Gellatly, who has more than 20 years of experience, has recently launched her valuable Virtual Style School on powerful-presence.com available to anyone around the globe. It's an increasingly visual world - both online in photos and videos and within our daily personal and professional lives. People initially form an opinion of us based on our appearance so why not learn practical tips and tricks to maximize our image and style?
In her six-part comprehensive online program, Marion becomes the viewer's personal stylist in this fun and informative multi-session course. She guides her Virtual Style School students through the most effective strategies to transform their own style into something they love that is right for their age, body, lifestyle and coloring...all from the comfort of their home, at their convenience, and within their schedule. As a valuable bonus in Virtual Style School, Marion also provides 90 minutes of free phone or Skype one-on-one private consultation enabling her students to pinpoint their specific personal or professional challenges in their wardrobe or image.

In addition to Virtual Style School, Marion also provides Live Style School and other live workshops in the beautiful and prestigious Carmel and Pebble Beach, CA area, site of the U.S. Open Golf Tournament and Concours d'Elegance.

About Virtual Style School
With Marion's guidance in her course, Virtual Style School students will:

  • Create their style vision, and move toward it by creating their unique style recipe
  • Learn how to select their best styles and colors and be in control of future purchasing decisions
  • Coordinate clusters of clothes that save money and provide flexibility, and learn Marion's successful shopping strategies
  • Identify the elements for choosing perfect accessories
  • Gain style confidence and say goodbye to bad choices forever
  • Get the support they need to authentically express the woman they're becoming
  • Put a smile on their face when they look in the mirror and enjoy compliments from others

During this self-paced course and through private coaching with Marion, Virtual Style School students have the opportunity to ask their questions and receive personalized advice. In her gentle and effective non-judgmental approach, Marion motivates her students and moves them out of their comfort zone into their confidence zone.   
Other Valuable Resources

The Powerful Presence website also features a wide array of helpful resources. Everyone can access Marion's latest tips, articles, videos, free e-books and monthly newsletter.  Check out some of her client before and after photos.  They can also take Marion's free image assessment and request a complimentary discovery session to get to know Marion. Also, see Marion's website for upcoming online Image and Style webinars.

About Marion Gellatly
Since founding Powerful Presence in 1991, Marion Gellatly has consulted and trained thousands of people, helping them to achieve the optimal image for their personal and professional goals. She is an internationally-recognized leader in the field of image development and travels the nation to work with her clients.

Marion's true passion is guiding professional women find their full potential by using image and style as powerful business tools. Her clients frequently comment on her warm and tactful approach to their sensitive issues of image.

She is an engaging and informative speaker who is in demand with individuals, corporations, small businesses, professional associations and community organizations. Marion has been featured in national media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and more.

Marion's inside knowledge of the corporate world from her years at a Silicon Valley Fortune 100 company, understanding of the complexities of conducting business in today's competitive market, mastery of image management, passion for well-designed and authentic style, and proven leadership skills give her a unique insight and advantage in furthering the goals of her clients.

Learn more at http://www.powerful-presence.com  


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