Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beach Bound Essentials 2014

Posted by Beni Schaub at 4:02 AM
Is it just us or is everyone on vacation right now? If they aren’t already, nearly every friend, coworker, and family member seems to have a trip booked somewhere beachy in the very near future. All we can say is…we want in. Now’s the time to unplug—preferably on a far-flung island where temperatures are a consistent 85 degrees. A few wardrobe updates are in order, of course, including a super-luxe wrap blanket from Slater Zorn, a of-the-moment reflective sunnies from Peepers, a breezy summer cover up from Julie Brown that pairs nicely with a butterfly-printed swimsuit from LimoLand, THE beach read for this summer Savvy Girl: A Guide to Wine and a large, colorful tote from Patricia Nash to carry everything else you’ll need for the beach. Consider this your new and MUCH-improved packing list!

Beach Fashion Essentials

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