Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fashion TV Ex-CEO to re-launch Style TV

Posted by Beni Schaub at 3:38 AM
Rida Khan, the star CEO of Fashion TV leaves to become the President of Style Network Channel. Khan purchased Style TV for an undisclosed amount and plans to re-launch it in the North American market coming to cable and Dish this October 2014. The result of the programming will be a mix of Style Network programming and Fashion TV programming.

“It will be a mix of high-fashion and life style programming. There will be a lot of reality shows which will focus on the real heroes of the industry like Anna Wintour, Nina Garcia, Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld etc. and their day to day lives. Of course the programming will be very celebrity oriented but we will be dealing with the real Fashion Industry!” Khan said proudly. Like Bravo, Style plans on producing their content in-house, including their shows. “I am surprised no network one has made high fashion and beauty the prime focus in America. During my time at Fashion TV the highest viewers were from the North American Market. We do have some networks that touch it – but that is about all they do.”
Rida Khan
Known as “Acid Khan”, this is a major hallmark move for Khan. It certainly will make her one of the most influential woman in the fashion and beauty industry. Rida Khan founded her company Zee report in 2008 which aimed to provide Fashion Industry news without any subscription costs. It grew rapidly and now provides news coverage in 15 different languages and 50 different countries and has an annual page view of over 30 million. Later in 2009, Khan launched which was not only an industry based networking portal, it also had the capability of uploading look books and portfolios and the ability to place orders online. was one of the first of its kind and still remains to be the leader in the fashion digital wholesale platform. “We were the first company that started any concept like a virtual tradeshow with actual transaction capability – everyone else is still trying to master it.” Gleamed Khan.

“Being a pioneer in the digital media industry since 2008 has given me a great lead in the fashion industry. I have stayed abreast all new innovations and have heavy plans for the digital distribution of the channel. Most people in their 20s do not pay for cable anymore and are reliant upon digital distribution. The digital landscape is changing rapidly and we will be one of the first networks to dive deep into it.” Khan said.

Style TV

Stay tuned on more updates and programming information.  When the time comes, we will post more information here on our blog or possibly in our fashion news section so that you can learn more about Style TV.

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