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Lisa Blue Swimwear

Posted by Beni Schaub at 4:48 PM
The brainchild of Founder and Designer, Lisa Burke, Lisa Blue delivers a unique design sense combined with modern silhouettes, creating on-trend swimwear for a woman that is confident, sexy and soulful.  Headquartered in the renowned whale-watching town of Byron Bay, Australia, the Lisa Blue brand possesses a passion for whale conservation.  While swimming with humpback whales, Lisa was moved by her experience and set out to create a swimwear label that would help protect the whale species and educate society about the importance of whale conservation. 
Lisa Blue Swimwear

Lisa Blue
merges the worlds of fashion and philanthropy by designing a collection season after season that donates twenty five percent of profits to the Australian Whale Conservation Society- an organization that is dedicated to cetacean conservation, education and research. Lisa Blue embodies the woman with a cause, a woman who can be beautiful, powerful and environmentally aware simultaneously; she is not afraid to share her beauty with the world and in turn, presents an opportunity for other women to shine while making a difference.
With an array of intricately detailed stories within each collection, Lisa Blue designs versatile styles with flattering fits. Each collection tells its own story inspired by Burke's exotic travels, incorporating eclectic style and culture into each and every piece. The Sorceress collection exudes a timeless beauty fused with a vintage feel while the Rainbow Serpent collection uses delicately embossed fabric mixed with energetic colors, showcasing Lisa Blue's love for whimsical patterns and design elements. Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean Coast the 2015 Collection mixes vivid color palettes with bold, elegant prints.  Lisa Blue retails between $98-$150, and can be found in boutiques across the globe and online at

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