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Bené Fashion Brand Launch

Posted by Beni Schaub at 3:22 AM
Bené, a brand committed to creating sustainable educational opportunities that empower girls in Ghana, launched on May 1, 2014 at

Bené was inspired by a trip to Ghana in 2011 and was ultimately founded in 2013 by Michelle Blue and Sasha Matthews. A customized made-to-order experience for culturally inspired scarves, each purchase directly benefits girls in Ghana who would otherwise not enjoy the opportunity to receive education needed to improve their lives, their families lives nor be able to make a contribution to their country.

Bené’s philosophy stands on the ideal that we are our sister’s keeper. Regardless of geographical location, nationality or socioeconomic status, Bené is committed to contributing to a world where everyone is provided an opportunity to fulfill their purpose and dreams. As global citizens, the founders believe we are responsible for each other, connected by the similarities and differences that tie us together. It is imperative to empower women by making investments into their lives, natural abilities and gifts to enable them to be self-sufficient. The Bené collection is inspired by the cultures that they are building into.

“We enjoy helping others and love being fashionable yet comfortable in our own skin. We believe that every girl should have access to an education, despite where they were born. We believe that we can do our part in providing a hope and a future in the girls lives we support," says Co-Founders Michelle Blue and Sasha Matthews.

In the spirit of that empowerment, Bené provides their customers the opportunity to create a scarf for herself or friends and family that suit personal style in a simple 3 step process. First, choose from five different styles- Infinity, Rectangle, Square, Shawl, and Skinny. Then choose from five exclusive prints inspired by West African culture and finally, choose trim- Hemmed, Tassels, Beads and PomPoms. With every purchase, Bené will include a note of gratitude, picture and progress reports from one of the girls who will benefit from the education provided by Bene purchases.

Bene’s 2014 commitment is to provide at least 5 girls with a year’s worth of education- this includes supplies, uniforms, travel expenses, tuition and more. Each year as Bené continues to grow, their reach and impact in the region will increase to provide more opportunities for the deserving girls of the community.

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About Bené 

Bené is a brand committed to creating sustainable educational opportunities that empower girls in Africa through a custom made-to-order experience for culturally inspired scarves. The customizable options for each scarf is suited for the season and meant to be seamlessly incorporated in to your personal wardrobe while being part of a greater mission to empower women. Bené shares the beauty of culturally inspired fabrics, empowers women to be self sufficient, and makes a difference domestically and internationally through commitments of continuous benevolence.

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