Thursday, May 15, 2014

Miles Teller Unrelated to Jax Teller

Posted by Beni Schaub at 3:54 AM
Miles Teller was photographed wearing Junk Food yesterday in Louisiana. The actor sported his New York Cubans Vintage Tri-Blend Raglan on the set of his new movie, The Fantastic Four.

By the way, I am fairly certain that Miles Teller has no relation to Jax Teller, John Teller, or Gemma Teller.  If you do not understand the reference, you really should start watching the Sons of Anarchy.

We know that he is most likely not part of the motorcycle club because we previously spotted Miles wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.  It was a cool shirt, but Mickey Mouse may possibly not be cool enough for a motorcycle gang (club).

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