Friday, April 18, 2014

Thread Count Defined

Posted by Beni Schaub at 11:01 AM
Here is the Apparel Search fashion industry lesson of the day.

Thread count is the actual number of warp ends and filling picks per inch in a woven cloth.  Texture is another name for this term.  In knitted fabric, thread count implies the number of wales or ribs, and the coursesper inch. 

OK, I used a few words that you may or may not understand in the above explanation.  Here are a few tips:

Course (courses) – the row of stitches across a knitted fabric.  Corresponds to the weft or filling in woven goods.

Warp – the yarns which run vertically.

Filling – an individual yarn which interlaces with warp yarn at right angles in weaving fabric.  Also known as pick or filling pick.  Filling usually has less twist than warp yarn.  Weft is an English term for filling, is used in this country in the hand-weaving and the carpet trades.  The term, at times, is rather misleading and is often confused with woof, the English term for warp.

Learn more about thread count and other garment industry definitions on the apparel industry glossary section.

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