Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DBelt for Fashion and Fitness

Posted by Beni Schaub at 4:34 AM
Let's face it, how many of you are tired of carrying your phones, wallets, keys, ID cards all the time and every time you have to go make a grocery run or workout? Finally there is a solution. Call it your "third hand" or the invisible helper.  It is not only functional but The DBelt goes the extra mile in aesthetic appeal as well as performance. Sleek, modern, and versatile.

Free yourself with the newest addition to the world of athletic apparel. The DBELT, named for its co- founder Danielle Etienne, revolutionizes the way the world wears, utilizes, and looks at fitness apparel. By introducing a fashionable and wearable accessory in the form of a belt that safely and securely fits all your essentials, the DBELT hopes to re-envision the fashion and fitness community. 

The DBELT eliminates the need for the busy, on-the-go woman to choose what to carry along. With multiple compartments, and the addition of a portal where electronic devices are easily accessible, the DBELT effortlessly holds all your essentials. Worn confidently and comfortably, allowing for an easy transition from the gym to daily activities, the DBELT aims to completely replace bulkier alternatives and change the way women look at their fitness apparel.

Before the DBELT, there was a choice to be made: either sacrifice design for functionality or practicality for style. Now the DBELT merges the two as never before, creating a solution for both the athletic and the style savvy.  With a 4” wide band that easily holds all your essentials and an adjustable, comfortable fabric composed of 70% breathable cotton and 30% spandex, the DBELT has been designed to combine practicality, functionality, and technology with a sleek, modern aesthetic, making it a fashionable addition to the world of fitness apparel.

In 2012, Etienne, a working mother and fashion industry insider with over two decades of experience, joined forces with powerhouse Michael Rabinowitz, original founder of the luxury lingerie line Le Mystère. This dynamic team behind the DBELT is strongly in tune with the needs of their female clientele, staying abreast of both fashion and fitness trends. In an effort to merge fashion and function, Etienne and Rabinowitz sought the guidance of experts in both fitness and fashion design, contributing to the chic design of the DBELT.   

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