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John Byron Custom Shirts

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Apparel Search wanted to let you know that the custom-made, classically influenced, men’s shirting designer John Byron is looking to take the fashion world by storm.

The American-made, luxury button-downs marry the wardrobes best basics and statements all in one single piece. Whether you are shopping for yourself, or a fashionably acquainted man the John Byron shirt is a staple everyone needs.

The beauty of a John Byron shirt is it can be fit to either a male or a female.  Yes, that's right.  You don't have to borrow a shirt from the man in your life to get that "trendy borrowed from the boys look".  You can actually have your very own that fits you properly.

The Sport Heritage Classic Denim is an example of what you can find.

Denim fabric is designed with double flap pocket, button down collar, Palazzi cuffs, top center placket, back with shoulder pleats, saddle tail and McQueen quote. Lightly lined (not fused) placket, collar and cuffs. 100% cotton. Made in the USA. Free shipping. If it doesn't fit, they will alter or remake your shirt at no charge or refund your purchase price.

John Byron Launches a Luxury Bespoke Men’s Collection

For his debut collection, John Frazier takes us on an excursion of a well dressed, perfectly tailored man. Not any man, but one that exudes refinement, confidence, and a dashingly louche aura. a zealot of impeccable style. The man of the hour is John Byron.

Based in Chicago, entrepreneur John Frazier launches John Byron as a new fashion label for discerning men. The John Byron collection is exclusively online and consists of men’s bespoke and custom shirts ranging in styles from formal wear to casual tartans. John Byron offers the ability to design four billion unique shirts. There are a variety of features ranging from unique collars and cuffs to specialized quotations and horizontal stripes. The company believes that clothing should be as unique as the individual.

 “It’s a digital world these days and men are tolerating buying shirts that don’t fit. It doesn’t make sense to me, in this day and age, that people are still buying shirts that don’t fit and are not personalized for their own individual tastes. It’s as if the clothing industry isn’t evolving,” says Frazier.

Rather than start with a swatch of fabric like other custom sites, John Byron provides the customer with an actual shirt, designed by John Byron, that the customer can then configure. However, if the customer likes the shirt as shown they can simply buy it with one click. From Egyptian cotton dress shirts to Italian denim sport shirts, each shirt has a unique set of custom design options selected by John Byron to save time and ensure the customer designs a great looking shirt. Also, design advice is offered at every step of the shirt construction process.

The John Byron collection explores sophisticated, traditional styles but adds subtle, unique touches. Playing on the spring trend of texture, John Byron offers a variety of textured fabrics and an assortment of artistic designs. Frazier was inspired to create a brand that complements the lifestyle of a man who only accepts the best and nothing less.

“We believe that clothing should be as unique as the individual. The imposition of mass-produced goods isn’t satisfying to discerning consumers. However, proposing customizable shirts that allow the consumer to express their own individuality is the pinnacle of luxury,” say Frazier.

John Byron offers three sizing methods: standard sizes, neck and sleeve and custom.  Neck and sleeve requires measuring the neck and sleeve length and selecting a desired body fit.  Custom sizing requires taking seven measurements and selecting a fit.

All shirts are made in the USA and the John Byron design house supports fair wages and education. John Byron donates 10% of profits to Teach for America. Prices range from  $110 - $475.

Learn more at the John Byron website.

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