Thursday, April 10, 2014


Posted by Beni Schaub at 9:54 AM
Here is the Apparel Search fashion industry lesson of the day.  What does texture really mean?

The first meaning is the actual number of warp threads and filling picks per inch in any cloth that has been woven.  It is written, say 88 x 72.  This means that there are 88 ends and 72 picks per inch in the fabric.  When texture is the same, such as 64 x 64, the cloth is classed as a “square” material.  Sheeting, with regard to texture, is often referred to, for example, as a Number 128, Number 140, etc.  Consideration of the number 128 means that the total number of ends and picks per inch is 128.  Thus, there might be in the texture 72 ends and 56 picks, or 68 ends and 60 picks, or 64 ends and 64 picks which is a square fabric texture.  A 140 sheeting would be better than a 128 sheeting since there would be more ends and picks to the inch in the former.  Texture is also much used by the public and in advertising circles to mean the finish and appearance of cloth for sale over the counter or in the finished garment state.

Do you also want to learn about textured hosiery, textured yarn or texturizing?  Well, maybe we will discuss those fashion industry termsin the near future.

If you enjoy learning about fabric, you may want to also read up on tricotso you can sound super smart when conversing with your apparel industry friends.

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