Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ziera Shoe Brand

Posted by Beni Schaub at 3:45 PM
Step into style with Ziera's timeless shoe collection committed to loving your feet without sacrificing comfort. Comprised with a repertoire of heels, sandals, flats, boots, and accessories, Ziera uses cutting edge technology to put your best foot forward in current trends and keep you feeling healthy and happy.

Ziera Shoes

Podiatrists, David Robertson and Mervyn Adams originally founded Ziera in 1933 with a passion and dedication to their practice by doing extensive research to design a shoe offering maximum comfort and durability for women on the go. Over Sixty years later, the New Zealand based family-owned business is now headed by Robertson's grandson, Andrew and is continually brought to life through Design Creatives, Angela Roper, Laura Boulton and Olaya Navarro.  "Fashions may have changed over the past 60 plus years that we've been in the shoe business," Robertson and team explain, "but our conviction - that women deserve the best of both style and comfort - is unchanged. This belief has helped enable Ziera to evolve from our foundation in New Zealand into premium comfort brought to women around the world."

Ziera is committed to the community and strives to make a difference within it by supporting local charities such as Dress For Success and many other community charities.  Offered at an accessible price point ranging from $200-$300, the line is sold at a variety of boutiques across the globe and online;

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