Thursday, June 19, 2014

Love Premium Denim

Posted by Beni Schaub at 8:43 AM
Would you believe that we found jeans with a new type of technology that makes  you look slimmer? Love Premium Denim is a new high fashion denim line created with a 35% Lycra blend giving women a jean option that truly fits them. 
  • New "Hold-You-In" technology makes this unique Lycra blend contour each body type. 
  • The dark indigo color makes for a clean appearance, lengthening your legs and creating the foundation for a great wardrobe.

  • The waist band tucks in the tummy and the cut of the denim lifts your behind.  
  • Stretch and recovery properties allow the jeans to never loose their shape giving you a clean silhouette with every wear. 
Love Premium Denim is designed by women for women. The goal of this high-fashion denim is to give women a jean option that truly fits them, making them free to move, free to live, and free to embrace life. 3 out of 4 styles are named after a breast cancer survivor and $1 is donated to the CURE Foundation for each pair of denim sold. 


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