Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Green Embassy Fashion Label

Posted by Beni Schaub at 4:32 AM
On the rise and recreating the meaning of fashion, Australia's first internationally recognized and organically certified fashion label, GREEN EMBASSY, has announced their participation in the PLITZS New York Fashion Week, taking place in Beijing, China. This groundbreaking, chic and eco-friendly high-fashion brand will be unveiling their fresh new line of GOTS certified handmade pieces alongside various fashion designers from all over the world.

GREEN EMBASSY will be showing on June 18, 2014 at 7:00pm. CEO and accomplished Australian artist, Zuhal Kuvan Mills, has been pushing her couture line to the forefront of every fashion scene worldwide! GREEN EMBASSY recently showed during Vancouver Fashion Week, Seattle ,and EcoLuxe London for London Fashion Week 2014. Zuhal was also recently welcomed into the World Fashion Week Committee as a member, remaining one of the fastest growing designers making her way through various international fashion week runways.

Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is the artist, designer and earth ambassador for Green Embassy, Australia’s first internationally recognised organic fashion label. Focusing on modern, minimalist, functional and alluring garments for earth-friendly consumers, Zuhal finds inspiration within the textile crafting traditions of ancient times and the vivid beauty of Western Australia’s bush landscapes. Her commitment to sustainability, organic agriculture, art and slow fashion is expressed in each extraordinary textile piece as a labour of love. Using 100% certified organic Australian alpaca, merino, silk and recycled natural fibres, Zuhal’s handmade collections are earthy yet sublime, authentic yet edgy. 

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