Monday, June 9, 2014

Waterproof Dress Shoes and Boots for Men

Posted by Beni Schaub at 3:54 AM
You woke up today, got your coffee ready and checked your phone to see what the weather would be like. If you are in New York, you notice their was no need to check your phone because you could have simply looked out the window.  If you are awake now, you will see that it is raining (depends on when you read this post...) What shoes do you wear? There are a lot of great outdoor shoes for men but limited choices on a pair to wear directly to the office. This is when Japanese brand: RainMan comes in!

waterproof shoewaterproof boot

The brand has constructed the perfect pair of shoes where fashion and functionality meets hand-in-hand. Made for the rain but with a stylish finish, these shoes are carefully crafted with a classic silhouette and waterproof materials (PVC and polyurethane) to keep your toes nice n’ dry.
rainman shoes

RainMan’s designs are durable beyond typical footwear without losing its sense of fashion. Styles like the Derby shoes and Brogue boots give men elegance while still being practical enough to wear almost anywhere.

Each piece is welded like any great leather shoe but made from durable waterproof materials giving it function as well as a sheen topcoat; unparallel fashionable fortitude against the elements!

The current collection retails between $280 for the Derby styles and $400 for the Brogue boots styles and is currently stocked at Martin Patrick 3, Noble Barbarian Shop and Revolve

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