Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Clothing Sales Tax Compliance

Posted by Beni Schaub at 7:50 AM

Watch the video above, Will's Whiteboard: The treacherous taxability of clothing and apparel.

Fashion boutiques owners enjoy selling clothing, but they certainly don’t have fun with managing tax compliance.  Businesses of all sizes face the burden of accurately calculating, collecting, and remitting transactional taxes.

The apparel industry  is one of the most complex industries for merchants and manufacturers to navigate from a sales tax perspective. Both the supply chain and consumer marketplace are riddled with unique exemptions, thresholds, special tax treatments and definitions.  Each state, taxing jurisdiction, or locality specifies its own rate of sales tax, which clothing items are taxable, and when holidays or exemptions apply.  Avalara can help you manage sales tax compliance

Before Avalara came around, most fashion companies were forced to manage the burden of remitting transactional taxes with cumbersome and inaccurate manual processes or expensive enterprise hardware and software systems.  Avalara changed all that by pioneering a cloud-based software platform that provides an end-to-end suite of sales and other transactional tax compliance solutions.

Avalara is revolutionizing a fundamental business process most people never even consider.

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Clothing retailers have a huge assortment of challenges.  Managing sales tax relevant issues does not have to be one of them.

Learn more about the systems and services provided by Avalara at http://www.avalara.com/

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