Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Clothing Wholesalers: Are they all the Best

Posted by Beni Schaub at 12:33 PM
How often have you visited a website and read something such as, “Welcome to Company XYZ, your source for the #1 wholesale clothing on the internet.  We are dedicated to providing customers with the absolute best assortment of stylish apparel at the lowest prices”?  If you are an active online shopper like me, you have most likely come across these sites often.   Personally, when stumbling across such sites I often wonder if they are legit or if they are trying to trick me into buying clothing that will never actually arrive after my purchase.   Between you and I, when I see the wholesale dress sites from foreign countries, I am always assuming it is some sort of scam.  I could be completely wrong…

The reality is that the search engines show tons of results for clothing wholesalers.  Unfortunately, I am not sure how to figure out which are legit and which are not.  If you know how to weed out the bad ones, please add your thoughts in the comment section below.

We all know the basic concept of wholesaling.  Distributors that buy wholesale clothing in bulk (very large quantities), can pass along the savings on to customers.  In theory, this helps consumersupdate our wardrobes while stretching our money further than if we purchased at retail prices.  Most of the sites that I have come across offer what they refer to as “the largest selection of items” and “inventory that changes daily”.   I am not really certain how every clothing wholesaler can be “the best” and offer the largest clothing selections, but it definitely appears that they all like to claim that they are number one in the market.  It is fair to assume that they can’t all be number one. 

You may have noticed that most fashion wholesalers indicate that they carry an assortment of wholesale jeans, pants and skirts along with blouses, t-shirts and other tops.  You can also find jackets, coats and other winter apparel with a wide range of belts, shoes, handbags and other fashionable accessories (the list goes on and on).  No matter what size clothing you are looking for, the apparel wholesalers typically claim that have it in stock.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have seen a site state that, “We carry a wide range of sizes and styles, helping you look your best regardless of your body shape”.  In addition to regular sizes, wholesalers of clothing usually advise that they have a “wonderful selection” of plus size fashion, juniors clothing, and petite sizes.  If they sell menswear in addition to womenswear they would obviously provide big & tall sizes.

By the way, clothing stores also have to purchase clothing from wholesalers but those are often companies that do not sell to the general public.  Boutiques and department stores buy from clothing wholesalers that sell only to retailers.

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So, if we are really looking to fill all of our wholesale clothing needs in tops, pants, skirts, shoes, bags, jewelry and more, where do we turn for the latest styles at wholesale prices?  Please share your suggestions in the discussion area below.


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