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Shoes of Prey Designer Dreams Come True

Posted by Beni Schaub at 11:33 AM

The most talked about shoes of Fashion Week AU 2013 were the ethereal creations worn in the dream-like wonderland created by Romance Was Born. The heels with sculpted translucent uppers floating like coral around ankles and toes presented a shoe that could be the foundation of the outfit, rather than the finishing touch - a boldness completely indicative of the Romance Was Born aesthetic.

The week before, Australia's most iconic fashion brand Carla Zampatti had presented a show filled with sports luxe chic and equestrian sensibility. Accessorizing the sports luxe feel to perfection, were 4.5 inch stilettos with long tassels swishing as models sashayed down the runway.

Although entirely opposite in look and feel, both shoe collections came from the same maker;  Shoes of Prey, the label that gives women the chance to design their very own shoes.

In October 2009 Mike, Michael and Jodie Fox (Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of held their breath as they sent their idea live - A website where women could design their own shoes. With all the hopes and dreams of this novel idea and what it could become, they could never have imagined where they would be in 2014.

Today is a global, multi-million dollar business, with backing from a syndicate of investors that reads like the who’s-who of US tech industry custodians.  They have grown 250% greatly outpacing the rest of the retail industry.  

Spending the last 12 months jetting between NYC, Sydney and Asia on press trips, filming TV episodes and working with designers on their collections, Jodie think’s that the success of the business has to two key factors: They have never been afraid of trying something new and they care passionately about women feeling beautiful and confident in their shoes.

Proving that they are not scared of trying something new, they went offline last year opening their very first store in Sydney. The store has outstripped all of the company’s expectations. It exceeded all targets which was such an incredible feat. But, the most exciting moment so far for the store was winning best store design in the competition of a true master, Karl Lagerfeld.  In Paris during a chilly November 2013, they were awarded the World Retail Award for Best Store Design less than 1200sqm against the fashion master Karl Lagerfeld for his concept store in Paris and sports powerhouse Puma for their flagship store in Osaka, Japan. It really finished an incredible year for they. It’s just beyond all expectation, yet exactly where I know Shoes of Prey can be.
2014 is set to be another incredible year for Shoes of Prey.

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