Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Julie Brown Eye-Catching Fashion

Posted by Beni Schaub at 6:16 PM
New York based Julie Brown combines classic design with vibrant colors, distinctive patterns and attainable elegance in her eye-catching collection designed for the special moments in every woman's life. Julie Brown takes ready-to-wear clothing and accessories to the next level through the combination of fashion and meaning at every turn giving each piece a personality and purpose on their own. The Julie Brown girl recognizes the happy and feminine collection and knows exactly when and where she wants to wear it, whether it is to lunch with her grandmother or for an exotic vacation abroad. With designs created for her favorite people: her daughters, girlfriends, colleagues and mother, Brown leaves no fashionista behind and offers a wardrobe that women can count on through all stages of life.  Like a woman's best friend, Julie Brown is colorful, sleek and most importantly easy to understand; the collection fits every occasion, but never goes unnoticed.

Julie Brown
has quickly expanded from a patterned dress line into a full collection of accessories, women's clothing, and girls' essentials that illuminate sunshine through design and combine current trends with a subtle air of retro fashion forward style. Now offering a striking collection including "mommy and me" pieces at an attainable price range of $150-$298, the lifestyle line fulfills every woman's desire for polished pieces and sophisticated style without breaking the bank. Julie Brown is available in over 400 specialty stores in major cities across the world inviting chic women on an escape from reality into her world of whimsical color and design.   
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